Puppy Life at Landon J Farms

 Our puppies at Landon J Farms have a family. The Dam gives birth in the presence of my husband and I…and sometimes our kids. We let our Dam be the mama, but we monitor everything to help keep the stress off of her, especially if it is a large litter and she needs some help and reassurance. The first week of their life, they have 24/7 supervision. My husband and I either sleep in the whelping room together or take shifts. They are heavily monitored to ensure the best possible care.

The first couple weeks….they nurse and sleep. They get weighed twice a day for the 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, their little eyes and ears start to open and they discover who has been talking to them, rocking them in the rocking chair when mama is tired and needs rest and a BIG world. Even after all of this… all they do is nurse and sleep.

During weeks 3-4 is when the party begins. They can potty without mama, so facilities have to be made. They start learning about soaked food (Diamond Brand). They start toddling about the whelping box. Every now and then they try to escape. They are used to human interaction, music, toys, television and our kids… and lots of hugs and kisses.

Weeks 5 to 6, they are lapping up their soaked feed, even some hard puppy food and also plain Greek non-fat yogurt. They get “field trips” to our family room, supervised and in a pin or one of our laps. Field trips at this age aren’t too long, as they get tuckered out quickly, but a couple field trips a day gets them used to a new environment and see that the world isn’t scary in other parts of the house.

Between week 6 and 7 they get their second vet visit and their vaccinations, so they do take an actual field trip. After that, they get more field trips to other parts of the house, supervised as always, but not in a pin. They even get to visit outside on nice days and learn about sticks and grass. They also get to see the other family members of Landon J Farms, our other Labrador Retrievers.

Our labs are family; they are social and always interacting with us. Your puppy has been set up for family life, so this will make it an easier transition for all. Your puppy has seen kids, dogs, a cat or 2, they have seen some horses and even some cows. Labs are not just a passion of mine but my life and our family.

Parting with a puppy is bittersweet. We have watched their birth and their life this far. However, I am so happy that I can share that passion, life and love with you! I hope your new puppy brings you so much happiness, comfort, friendship and unconditional love…maybe a deer shed or a duck. Always feel free to contact me about questions you may have. I was lucky enough to get my first AKC Registered Lab from an amazing breeder who has become a treasured mentor, and for her I will always be grateful. She has helped me not just when I brought my puppy home, but has helped me become an educated breeder who has had answers to my questions and introduced me to a wonderful network of friends. Breed with excellence and to better the breed.

Thank you,

Marianne Holtz

Landon J Farms