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This is Me

Let me introduce myself, I am Marianne Holtz, with my husband and 2 sons we make Landon J Farms. Our rural historic farm house in central Missouri is where the magic is. From the charming home to the green pastures to the winding creeks- this is where my heart beats.

I have always been animal lover. Once my husband and I settled into this home my vision started. Labrador retriever breeding, showing and training run deep in my husband's family history, so it was only natural to start up the family tradition. Labs are a HUGE passion of mine- bettering the breed and breeding for excellence, with a whole lot of fun in between. Our labs aren't "breeders" they are our heart. I am a gal of many talents and trades- I do real estate in this beautiful area and LOVE getting to take a dog to work with me! I have many hobbies, most of which are all outdoor activities. I am very involved with horses and I cannot see my life without them.

I am very lucky to have such an amazing support system when it comes to our hobby farm. My father in law for starters, Bob Brandt, is one of the most knowledgeable sources of all things Lab I have encountered. I have amazing neighbors, one of which, Ms. Sheila, is a breeder of excellence with Saint Bernards' and cleans house in every show ring that she steps in to. The breeder who I got Sterling James from and our newest addition Graceful She is Not, Heather Gibbs is a wonderful woman who I can always talk pups with. I always say- she breeds perfection. I am excited to follow in the footsteps of these revered folks and enjoy every minute of it.

Proud Member of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association
Proud Member of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association