Our Boys and no particular order. Follow us on Facebook for daily happenings and shenanigans.

Cashton Kingston James..... Cash. He is a happy go lucky, jovial, sweetheart of a boy! He is always a crowd favorite. He has striking good looks and an A PLUS personality. He enjoys being with his family and swimming. He likes to retrieve and does his best when he has a group of ladies watching. He has strong genetics that pass onto his offspring and you can always tell when a puppy is a "Cash" baby. Cashton is all clear on health testing. A loaded Champion pedigree featuring HiView, Valcar, Parracino, Showtime and Old River.

Oh Svetlana, She came to us Oct 31, 2019. Svet (Winter Valley's Tuff Enuff), she is perfection. Solid, thick, sturdy and a lovely example of an "English" bench lab and we are proud to call her ours. She has an impressive pedigree with thick Ukrainian roots, featuring some very well known Champion lines in the show circuit. Many Champions in her lineage hold multiple titles. Please visit the Pedigree page for her history, including 20+ titles in 4 generations. Her pedigree features GCH CH Chambray the Count De Monet, AM Can Ch Harlequin Like a Rock, GCHB RD Willcare to Fly Under the Radar, BISS Am CH JH WC Willcare Leisure Suit Larry and also Windancing lines. With all of that being said....She is the laziest Lab.... Clear on all health testing, NON-affected Carrier only PRA/PRCD.

Sterling James... AKC Registered Silver Labrador Retriever. We got Sterling when he was 8 weeks old from Charcoal and Silver Labs in Arkansas. He quickly stole our hearts. He is muscular and a complete stunner. He is ALL stud. He is also SUCH a "binky baby" and a mommy's boy. He is moderate energy but a stellar off switch, determined and jovial! He loves doing his trick routines! Sired by HG's Major Dresden and his Dam HG's Playing Hard to Get. NON affected HNPK carrier only- all clear health testing on the remainder.

OH! Boonedocker Dinkins. Boone comes from a wonderful line of hunting. He excels in being a dock/dive dog, duck retriever and shed tracker. He follows in the footsteps of his Sire Remington Borgmann and his Dam Mama's Maggie Mae, from Miss Hart in Missouri. Driven, motivated, phenomenal off/on switch, pleasing and attentive. This is the Lab we SWEAR understands English. His intelligence is uncanny. He will retrieve ALL day long and is as happy as can be to hang out and be a lazy inside dog. He LOVES going to the creek to play with friends, such a social butterfly he is! He has produced some TOP NOTCH babies who have matured into stunning smart adults and have Championed in field. He sires some of past puppies who are service dogs as well. So, he is kind of a big deal. Boone is all clear on his health panels.

Dixie Mae! AKC Registered Yellow Labrador Retriever. Dixie came to us at 9 months old from northern Missouri. She is sweet and charming and her loyalty runs deep Don't let that fool you, the girl is a SAVAGE with her striking conformation classic bench looks and her ON skills, WOW. Dixie has not just tracked sheds, but brought us the whole deer to the front porch...LOL She is a phenomenal hunter. Sired by Paraccino's Don't Rush the Moose and her Dam Kelly Kellogg Strange. Her Sire's side hold 37 Champions in just a short 6 generation pedigree, in the upwards of 60 in 9 generations, can you tell we have researched this. Dixie is the one that makes you look twice, inside she is a sweet silly girl and outside she is on point and nothing gets by her. She is the Alpha of the farm, one hundred percent! Dixie is all clear on her health panels.

Dancing in the Moonlight at Landon J Farms... She is our newest female to enter into our program. She is a beautiful white/cream, bench/English, with lovely black pigment. We are so excited to see the babies she will give us. She has a mild mellow attitude, a happy girl who loves to play with toys and the other labs. She is such a well rounded girl, she is more show than go. She explores around the farm, never goes too far, she has a lot of praise motivation in her versus treat motivation. She is simply just a lovely lab. A great championed lines pedigree from Shiloh, Grandquest and Finally's. Such an awesome family history to look at. All clear health testing.

Nash's Dirty Delightful DeLaney! Say that five times fast! We call her Laney (or Laney Bug) for short. Laney is our silver factored black Labrador. She is a HAM. She is silly, playful, motivated and eager to please. We got her as a puppy at 8 weeks old and she was just a PEACH! Always a good girl, such a great puppy! She has always tended to be on the lazier side, but this girl will get up and GO when it is play time and she is a swimming machine. Such a strong Championed pedigree with amazing lines, Dawson, Chaney, Belquest, HG's..... no wonder this gal is built like a brick house and is a beauty queen! Daughter of the famous Royal Blue "Big Sexy" Nash! Another great pedigree to look at. All clear health testing.

Birdie Bee or Birdie Boo, she will answer to both. This gal is just as sweet as they come. She came to us from a dear friend and fellow breeder, Hollie Chaney from Arkansas. She has a beautiful dark fox red, classic English/bench lines and a personality that will make you melt. She is mellow, mild and attentive- just a gem! She will retrieve is you ask her to, she does love her toys. She has the typical English/bench drive, she is happy to lounge around and just look pretty. All clear health testing.