December 2019 LJF Update- We have added a hunting line of Labrador Retrievers. Pictures will be coming soon. Welcome Boone (Chocolate English/American dive trained, thick and full), Roxie and Coco (Siblings, chocolate American shed/duck labradors) and Miss Charlie Sunshine (Pale yellow, English/American, thick as brick, stocky and boxy).

Joining Landon J Farms this Fall 2019

October 31, 2019 Svetlana (Winter Valley's Tuff Enuff) joined our breeding program. She is perfection. Solid, thick, stout, sturdy, the epitome of an English Lab. We are so pleased and proud to call her our own. She has an extremely impressive pedigree with thick Ukrainian roots, featuring some every well known Champion Labrador Retrievers in the show circuit. many Champions in her lineage hold multiple titles, we are looking forward to taking her to win her own. Please visit the Pedigree area for all of her history including 20+ titles in a 4 generation pedigree.

Sterling James of Landon J Farms

Sterling James... AKC Registered Silver Labrador Retriever. We got Sterling when he was 8 weeks old from Charcoal and Silver Labs in Arkansas. He quickly stole our hearts. He is muscular and a complete stunner. He is ALL stud. He is high energy, determined and jovial! Sired by HG's Major Dresden and his Dam HG's Playing Hard to Get. He has a stellar family history. I have medical panels going back 4 generations on Sire and Dam's side both and he is a healthy rock star of a stud! Copies available upon request.

Boonedocker Dinkins

Landon J Farms is the new proud owner of Stud Boonedocker Dinkins. Boone comes from a wonderful line of hunting. He excels in being a dock/dive dog, duck retriever and shed tracker. He follows in the footsteps of his own Sire Remington Borgmann and his Dam Mama's Maggie Mae. Driven, motivated, phenomenal off/on switch, pleasing and attentive. He is a great addition and we are so pleased to have him.

Dixie Mae playing fetch!
Dixie Mae playing fetch!

Dixie Mae! AKC Registered Yellow Labrador Retriever. Dixie came to us at 9 months old from northern Missouri. She is sweet and charming and woos everyone she meets with her calm demeanor. Sired by Paraccino's Don't Rush the Moose and her Dam Kelly Kellogg Strange. Dixie is expecting right now, after that she will take some time for herself and continue her family history into the AKC Dog Show. Her Sire's side hold 37 Champions in just a short 6 generation pedigree. her Dam's side is the Kellogg line....enough said. She will be a show stopper! Parent and family pedigrees and panels available upon request.


Meet Miss Charlie Sunshine aka AKC Susie Gold. Charlie came to us in December and she is an absolute Queen. She has champion bloodlines, she is thick, sturdy and stout. Our son, Ryan, quickly bonded with Charlie and it was easy to do with her happy go lucky personality and desire to be with her human. She loves to retrieve and play. She is also happy to lay around. She is a beautiful girl, with such pale yellow fur, black pigmentation and a stick straight otter tail. Champion bloodlines are not shocking here. Charlie has whelped a couple litters in the past and has had the most beautiful English fat and blocky babies. We are so excited to have a litter with Charlie Sunshine!


Meet Rocktown Roxie. So we have the wonderful O'Dell line here! Roxie is also very driven and eager to please. She loves to fetch, swim and retrieve. Roxie excels in shed training and passes this along to their puppies. Roxie has a sweet temperament, enjoys running around, car rides, endless petting and is a phenomenal mama dog.